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"Pare Su Barco" (Stop your vessel!)

    HSL 42 Det 1 is a fully operational, forward deployable LAMPS MKIII Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron detachment. With both torpedo and hellfire missile capablities, our aircraft can strike anywhere, at anytime. Usually shore-based from HSL 42 at Naval Station Mayport, Det1 can be surge deployed to any location to support the Global War on Terrorism. Our Pilots are highly skilled, well trained aviators who specialize in the handling of these aircraft. The aircrewman are trained in mission systems, weapons delivery, and Search and Rescue operations. The maintenance crew for this detachment are truly professionals, and their expertise can have a fully mission systems capable aircraft flying 24 hours a day.


BZ to ADAN Cepeda, Det1, for being awarded the Blue Jacket of the Quarter for HSL 42!


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